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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Walled Garden

The House at Wallington was built for Sir Walter Calverley Blackett in the mid 1730s. The garden was designed and set out with the help of a mysterious 'Mr. Joyce'.

In the 1760s, work was carried out on the Walled Garden with some assistance from the well known designer: Lancelot 'Capability ' Brown. 

His childhood home was at Kirkharle just over two miles away from Wallington Hall. 

Brown prepared plans for a lake at Kirkharle. The lake was never constructed. It has now become a feature at Kirkharle Courtyard.

Sir George Otto Trevelyan was an enthusiastic gardener. When he inherited the estate in 1886, he set about creating the Walled Garden in the style first set up by Sir Walter Calverley Blackett.

The conservatory was built by Sir George and he continued work on the garden, until his death aged 90 in 1928.

Walled Garden Conservatory.
The National Trust took over the garden in 1958 with the death of Sir Charles Trevelyan and with a great deal of work under the guidance of Graham Stuart Thomas (Garden Advisor to National Trust) developed the Ornamental Walled Garden in the style we see today. It continues to be enjoyed by the thousands of Visitors who come to Wallington Hall every year.

Views from around the Garden:

Informal and clever planting sets off the walled garden beautifully against the backdrop of parkland and woods.

Garden Pond adjacent to the Walled Garden.

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