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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Views around the Grounds and Walled Garden - 30/05/2012

The brilliant sunshine and warm weather was not in evidence today. The weather forecast predicted rain later in the day and the sky was overcast. The weekend celebrations are being prepared for, and all around the grounds from the entrance there was yards of bunting strung from the buildings and trees. In the Courtyard, bunting was hanging on the Clock Tower and rear of the House. The big screen was in progress of being erected. This will screen the jubilee celebrations and the special showing of the Wallace and Grommit film.

After my usual walk around the grounds and Walled Garden taking photographs, we got our jobs for the day and it was back to the front entrance where I was given the border beside the old Farm Shop to weed and tidy up. This took me until mid afternoon and I moved to another border to do the same. As we move further into the year, there was a steady stream of visitors coming into the property.

The rain did not appear until 3.00 p.m. and it was a short shower, it did not last long and I continued with my work on the border beside the Coach park.

The following photographs were taken this morning:

The bunting for the weekend celebrations.
East Drive.
China Pond.
East Wood colour.
Garden Pond.
Pale Border in the Walled Garden.
The Mary Pool.
Upper Terrace.
Lower Terrace
Upper Terrace statue.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Views around the grounds and Walled Garden - 22/05/2012

What a glorious day at Wallington. Wall to wall sunshine with a temperature in the low twenties degrees centigrade. Started work earlier than normal today as there is a great deal to do around the grounds and Walled Garden.

The gardeners were busy on the south border beside the House, planting out the Jubilee border in red, white and blue. It has taken two days to plant out the four thousand plants, especially grown here in the garden. The plants have been set out in a diamond pattern and although they will not be all in flower for the end of the month, it will be a magnificent display for later in the Summer.

I was set to work edging the grass in the Walled Garden, I managed to do the grass areas in front of the Mary Pool, the Lower Terrace and Railway Border down to the Yew Circle. Grass cutting is well underway now and the garden will be looking at its best for the weekend National Garden Scheme day.

I took the following photographs during the day as I was working and on my way home:

Courtyard and Clock Tower.
Clock Tower.
Walled Garden looking towards the Entrance.
View over the Upper Terrace.
Plum Border walk.
Upper Terrace looking towards the Mary Pool.
One of the Walled Garden Statues.
Upper Terrace.
Looking south toward Paines Bridge.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Views around the grounds and Walled Garden - 15/05/2012

May continues to be wet and changeable. Low temperatures still continue and as it was a Tuesday with the House being closed, there were not many visitors around the property. The weather forecast did not hold out for a dry day, there were a few short showers, but on the whole it was a reasonable day.

My job for today was weeding and forking over a border in East Wood. It took me most of the day and my final job was to move some branches away from the drainage ditches that have just been completed. The warm weather of March and the growth spurt it created has rapidly slowed. There is even the prospect of a ground and air frost for tomorrow.

I took the following photographs before I started work this morning and at other times during the day:

Rhododendrons starting to flower on East Lawn Drive.
Path to China Pond in East Wood.
Garden Pond.
Garden Pond.
Mary Pool in the Walled Garden.
Lower Terrace looking towards the Mary Pool.
Lower Terrace.
Lower Terrace.
Railway Border.
Looking up to the Conservatory.
Early morning rain.
Looking into the Walled Garden.
Rhododendrons in East Wood.
Rhododendrons in East Wood.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Views around the grounds and Walled Garden - 09/05/2012

Clock Tower.

House Entrance from East Lawn.
House from East Lawn.
Garden Pond looking up to Portico Walk.
The Mary Pool in the Walled Garden.
Neptune Gate and Mary Pool.
Upper Terrace.
Looking up to the Conservatory.
Gateway to River Walk.
View from the Lower Terrace.
Beside the Peach Houses.
View across the Lower Terrace.
One of the lead statues on the Upper Terrace.
Across the Lower Terrace to the Mary Pool.

A cool start to the day but there was no frost. The sky was blue and the sun shone for most of the day. It was a good day, but there were not many visitors in the Walled Garden. I spent all of the day working on the borders of the East Lawn and on the Herb border in the Orchard and Nuttery.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is heavy prolonged rain and because of this, the volunteer grass cutters and gardeners were on their machines, a day early to get the grass cut before it gets too wet.

The above images were taken before i started work this morning.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Views around the Grounds and Walled Garden - 02/05/2012.

First visit to Wallington in May. Passed through a great deal of rain on the way, but it was dry when I reached Wallington at about 9.00 am. On reaching the gate into East Wood, I decided to take the left hand path around China Pond. It was very quiet and I reached the Walled Garden after a slight detour because the path was roped off. Last week, one of the gardeners was laying drains to try and stop the path becoming so muddy.

My job for today was laying hardcore onto the path after the drainage work was completed. It remained dry for the whole of the day and after lunch the sun got out.The path has certainly dryed out and it should be less muddy for all of the visitors. 

I took the following photographs before I started work this morning:

China Pond
Garden Pond
View of Walled Garden Lower Terrace
Railway Border
Cut Flower Border
Lower Terrace
Plum Border
Plum Border
Lower Terrace