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Friday, 30 September 2011

Views around the grounds and Walled Garden - 29/09/2011.

Warm sunny weather brought out the visitors at Wallington today. The house and grounds were bathed in bright sunshine. We were kept  busy clearing up the leaves that are starting to collect in the corners, borders and hedges of the Courtyard. The trees are starting to change into their autumnal colours. 

After lunch we did a spot of weeding, then moved onto edging the grass on East and West Lawns. The work continues to keep the grounds looking  their best. This spell of warm weather will encourage growth and enable visitors to enjoy what is on offer here at this historic National Trust site.

The following photographs were taken before I started work in the Courtyard:

Clock Tower

Path to West Woods.

West Lawn.

View through to Clock Tower and Courtyard.


Garden Pond.

Cut Flower border and National Trust border.

Colour in the Walled Garden.

Lower Terrace, Walled Garden.

Path beside Garden Pond.

A year at Wallington in pictures, September 2011 - part 10

After the poor weather of previous months, September began with the hope of an 'Indian Summer'. My first day volunteering at Wallington this month, was on a day, which can only be described as changeable. We did manage to do some of our work during some sunny spells. The Walled Garden continues to change and provide visitors with some wonderful areas of colour and imaginative planting to admire during their visit.

Trees in East and West Woods are starting to change colour. Autumn is making an early appearance this year! The property still has a large number of events to stage before the end of the year. It continues to be a very busy time for all of the staff and volunteers.

September colour in the Hot Border - 01/09/2011.

With the new school year starting, the grounds and Walled Garden have become a great deal quieter. July and August saw Wallington very busy with parents and children visiting, and the adventure playground was a favourite place for youngsters.

As we move from season to season, the work changes around the property and specific jobs need to be undertaken, such as cutting of the beech hedges in the Courtyard and cutting of the yew hedges in the Walled Garden. Border clearing, weeding, dead heading, edging and grass cutting continues as usual, on a larger scale.

On a dry and sunny day, the Walled Garden can be seen at its best. I get to Wallington about 9.00 a.m. and walk around the grounds and Walled Garden before starting work. It is on this walk, that I take the majority of the photographs that are appearing in this series.

Clock Tower from West Lawn - 07/09/2011.

New planting in East Wood - 07/09/2011.
View of House from East Lawn - 07/09/2011.
September was also to see the 200th birthday of the northern pre-Raphaelite William Bell Scott, the artist who created the magnificent paintings of Northumbrian History in the remarkable Central Hall at Wallington.

He did a great deal of fine decorative work, for Sir Walter Trevelyan in 1855 at Wallington Hall, in the shape of eight large pictures illustrating Border history, with life-size figures, supplemented by eighteen pictures illustrating the ballad of Chevy Chase, in the spaces above the arches of the Central Hall, this scheme of decoration was completed in 1863-4.

Example of William Bell Scott's work in Central Hall.
To celebrate Scott's birthday, there has been various new contemporary art exhibits in the House and around the grounds. The work has been called 'Unfinished Business' because Scott's plans for the Central Hall were never finished. The artists's work draw inspiration from the eight life size murals on the walls of the Central Hall. Information about the exhibits can be found on 'Unfinished Business at Wallington' website.

The middle of September saw the property closed due to high winds. The remnants of Hurricane Katia was to blame! Branches were brought down and some clearing up was the order of the day. Building work also started beside the conservatory, preparing for  the  installation of a new boiler.

Mary Pool in the September sun - 14/09/2011.
My weekly visits over the last nine months has allowed me to observe the changes around the grounds and Walled Garden. Summer colours are now being replaced by autumnal colours. Leaves are starting to collect in the corners and in amongst the border plants. It will soon be time to clear the fallen leaves in the Courtyard!

View towards House and Clock Tower - 20/09/2011.

Colour in the Conservatory - 20/09/2011.
The 'Indian Summer' did make an appearance at the end of the month. It could have arrived sooner, but the sunshine and warmer temperatures were very welcome. On my last visit in September, it was great to see the historic property and grounds bathed in sunshine again. Leaves are now starting to fall and we are now spending some of our time clearing them up.

Autumn colours beside West Lawn - 29/09/2011.

Early morning sun on the Clock Tower - 29/09/2011.
During September, I have made four visits to Wallington. As we now move into October the work will continue around the grounds and Walled Garden. More events will be taking place before the end of the year. The House will be closing at the end of October, visitors will then only be able to explore the grounds and Walled Garden.

My weekly visits since the start of the year, have been very rewarding for me: creating a weekly photographic diary, working in a wonderful garden and property, meeting and working with other volunteers and helping the professional and friendly National Trust gardening team.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Views around the Grounds and Walled Garden - 20/09/11

Weather dry and overcast today at Wallington. Changed my day for volunteering this week as I cannot get tomorrow. With it being a Tuesday, the House was not open! Not many visitors walking around the grounds. Spent all day working on the borders and edging the grass around the House entrance and south side of building.

Trees are starting to change colour and the borders are in need of a lot of work to clear out the dead flowers and foliage. With the recent heavy rain, the grassed areas are very wet. There will not be a lot of grass cutting carried out this week.

As well as regular volunteers there is a group of 12 people on a working holiday this week. A great deal of work will be carried out. It is coming to that time of year when a lot of cutting back and clearing out is necessary.

Took the following photographs around the grounds and Walled Garden throughout the day:

Path to East Woods and Walled Garden

Inside the Edwardian Conservatory

Inside the Edwardian Conservatory

Colour in the Conservatory

View towards Hot Border

Lower Terrace Walled Garden

House Entrance

House Entrance

House Entrance and Clock Tower

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Views around the Walled Garden - 14/09/11

Due to the high winds, the property was closed on Monday and Tuesday this week. The remnants of Hurricane Katia was to blame! Branches were brought down and some clearing up was the order of the day. Spent the morning burning those branches brought down and the other garden rubbish that has collected over the last few weeks. Afternoon work was edging the lawns on the lower terrace of the Walled Garden. 

It was a fine and sunny day and there was a large number of visitors in the Walled Garden, the wind still had not completely disappeared, but it was certainly a lot calmer than previous days.

The following photographs were taken before I started work this morning:

Lower Terrace.

Lower Terrace.

Mary Pool.

Railway Border.

Cut Flower Border.

Walled Garden Planting.

Beside Garden Kiosk.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Views around the Grounds - 07/09/11

Spent the day in the Cottage gardens situated around the courtyard. Hedges were cut and the borders weeded and tidied up. Day was a mixture of windy, wet and sunny weather. The House does not open until 1.00 p.m. now and there were very few visitors this morning.

It did get busier this afternoon with a coach trip arriving. A large number of visitors are commenting that the Walled Garden is the best they have ever seen it. I did not get the chance to take many photographs this afternoon, the following were taken after I had arrived at Wallington:

House from the West Lawn

Clock Tower from West Lawn

West Lawn

East Lawn

House Entrance

Colour on the path to the Walled Garden

Path beside Garden Pond

House Entrance from East Lawn

Drive to West Lawn and Woods

Friday, 2 September 2011

Views around the Grounds and Walled Garden - 01/09/11

Photographs of the grounds and Walled Garden taken on the first day of Autumn!

Courtyard and Clock Tower

Borders beside the House entrance

Garden Pond

Hot Border

Hot Border

Hot Border

Hot Border

Walled Garden

Edwardian Conservatory