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Saturday, 29 October 2011

A year at Wallington in pictures, October 2011 - part 11

October proved to be equally as busy as the other months of 2011. For the National Trust Team here at Wallington, more events were planned and staged. This provided a wide variety of things for visitors of all ages to see and do. The events this month started with a 'Try your Hand Day' - themed to give visitors a taste of the type of work and conservation that is carried out around the grounds and estate and finished with the popular Halloween weekend.

The last week of September saw sunshine and high temperatures, my first visit to Wallington in October saw us working in high winds, rain and under an overcast autumnal sky. There were very few visitors to the Walled Garden, the poor early morning weather forecast may have had something to do with it?

Trees in the Courtyard - 05/10/2011

The high winds do a good job removing the leaves from the trees. They also deposit them into the corners of buildings, hedges and borders. At this time of year old planting is being removed and bulbs and other seasonal plants are being planted to give the Walled Garden some colour in the Spring.

Whilst this work is going on, there are always some areas of colour to contrast with the seasonal colours of Autumn.

Colours in the Walled Garden - 05/10/2011
My second visit was to be on a particularly wet day. It had been continually raining over night and it never really stopped all of the day. Waterproofs were a must! On reaching the Courtyard, I was to see that work was in progress erecting the marquee for the Food and Craft Festival. Our morning's work was to put down protective boards for a generator and get other boards ready to protect the grass, when the exhibitors tents were put in place.

My afternoon's work was centred around the Walled Garden Kiosk, clearing up the fallen leaves. There were very few visitors again, except for a school party exploring all parts of the garden. The rain did not seem to dampen their enthusiasm as they got on with their work.

Autumn colour in East Wood - 12/10/2011
Rainy day in the Walled Garden - 12/10/2011
The Food and Craft Festival again was a great success this year with about 20000 visitors attending over the weekend. There was a wide variety of exhibitors in the tents and marquee set out in the courtyard. It was fine and sunny for the two days and this helped to swell the visitor numbers.
Food and Craft Festival - 16/10/2011
Work for the volunteers and gardeners now centres around clearing out the borders and planting bulbs for some colour in the Spring. On my third visit in October, we were given the job of clearing out the borders either side of the House entrance, preparing them and planting 'Purple Prince' Tulip bulbs. I am looking forward to early in the new year to see how they come out!

We worked beside the House all day, although it was a bright sunny day, there was a chill in the air when the sun moved around the House and we were left in the shade.
Reflections in Garden Pond - 19/10/2011
Autumn in East Wood - 19/10/2011
My last visit to Wallington in October was mid week of the half term holiday. Heavy rain during the night at home was replaced by low temperatures and patchy fog on my drive to the property. On reaching Wallington, the sun was out and it stayed all day. As usual during school holidays; children's voices echoed in the Walled Garden.

We were given an ideal spot to work. It was in the 'Hot Border', beside the Conservatory. Our work continues with clearing out of plants past their best, as we move quickly towards the new month of November.
View of the House in the Autumn sun - 26/10/2011
Sheep and mist in front of the House - 26/10/2011

View from the Lower Terrace of the Walled Garden - 26/10/2011
2011 is rapidly drawing to a close, for this series of work I will only have two parts left to write. Last year, I did not get to Wallington at all in December, because of the snow. What will this year fetch us with regard to winter weather?

Looking back at the hundreds of photographs I have taken, it is interesting to see how the Walled Garden has changed with each season and how colourful it became. Visitors have been able to see a wonderfully set out, planted and well maintained garden. My visits to Wallington continue to be an important feature of my weekly activities.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Views around the Grounds and Walled Garden - 26/10/11

With some heavy rain through the night, I thought we would be in for a wet day in the garden at Wallington. It was not to be and worked all day in some brilliant sunshine. Our task for today was to clear out some plants that were past their best and weed the Hot Border beside the Edwardian Conservatory.

There were more visitors today than in previous weeks and the garden again was filled with children's voices, of course it was half term holiday.

The grounds and Walled Garden are now showing its Autumn colours and leaves are falling heavily. We know what our jobs will be shortly!!!!

I took the following photographs as soon as got to the property early this morning:

Autumn colours on West Lawn.

House and West Lawn

Lime Avenue looking towards West Wood

Looking through to the Courtyard

Sun streaming through the trees of East Wood

Walled Garden and its Autumn colours

Lower Terrace and Edwardian Conservatory

View from Lower Terrace

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Views around the grounds - 19/10/2011

It turned out to be a sunny but cold October day at Wallington. Work today was centred around the House entrance on East Lawn and we started by clearing out the old flowers and leaves that had collected. 

After lunch after preparing the borders, we planted about four hundred 'Purple Prince' Tulip bulbs. These will make a wonderful and colourful focal point to the House entrance in the New Year.

After the Food and Craft Festival of last weekend, which attracted 20000 visitors, the property was very quiet again today. There was only a small trickle of visitors going into the House.

Took the following photographs today:


Courtyard and Clock Tower

East Wood

East Wood

Portico Walk

Reflection in Garden Pond

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Views around the Grounds and Walled Garden - 12/10/11

Rain was forecast and rain was what we got today at Wallington. The yearly Food Festival is on this weekend and work was going on in the Courtyard to put up the marquee and get the grass area protected.

Our work this morning was to put down protective mats for the generators to be sited and start to prepare the grass for the hundreds of visitors who will attend the event. After lunch I raked up leaves in the Walled Garden. Again this week because of the weather there were very few visitors. There was a school party later in the afternoon, they were exploring the garden in the rain.

The following photographs were taken before we started work in the Courtyard:

Clock Tower and Courtyard.

Autumn in the East Wood.

Clearing out the dead wood.

Walled Garden

East Lawn.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Views around the grounds and Walled Garden - 5th October 2011

This was my first visit to Wallington this month. The sunshine and high temperatures of last week were not repeated today! It was overcast with strong winds and we did have to work out in some quite heavy showers this afternoon. The weather did keep visitors away from the property today.

I spent all day in the Walled Garden, this morning I cleared out some wooden tubs of plants ready for new planting of spring bulbs and forget-me-nots. After lunch, I cleared away the leaves from the herb border and finished it off by weeding and edging the grass.

The following photographs were taken this morning as I walked through the property to the Walled Garden:

Clock Tower and Courtyard.

Autumn in the Courtyard.

House and West Lawn.

East Lawn.

East Lawn and House.

Griffin Heads on East Lawn.

Some colour in the Walled Garden.