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Thursday, 30 June 2011

A year at Wallington in pictures - June 2011, part 7

Another month of 2011 has finished and I have completed five visits, volunteering in the grounds and Walled Garden here at Wallington. It was not exactly a 'flaming June', with the weather being changeable on all of my visits. The rain was so bad on some occasions, that I had to shelter in the house or under the trees depending on where I was working.

The gardening team and other volunteers have continued to replant the borders in the Walled Garden and around the house. To me, this year, the flowers of spring did not seem to last as long as they usually do? The continued hard work at this stunning property ensures that there is continual colour and always something for the visitors to see. As we are have moved into mid summer there will be a wide variety of plants to be seen at their best.

Walled Garden Water feature (Mary Pool) - 01/06/2011.

I have only worked in the Walled Garden twice this month and have mainly found myself working on East Lawn, West Lawn, around the house and in the Courtyard. The bulk of my time has been spent edging the grass on the lawns and weeding the gravel paths around the house. It has been a time consuming job, and one thats helps to maintain the perfect manicured look of the surroundings. Visitors to the property are always commenting about how well it is looked after, and how much they have enjoyed their visit.

Courtyard and Clock Tower - 08/06/2011.

Colour at the Walled Garden Entrance - 08/06/2011.

Garden Pond looking through to Portico Walk - 08/06/2011.

Activities began in June with many things for children to do during the half term holiday, the Countryside Team set up wild adventures in the woods, pond dipping, den building, bug hunting and woodland crafts. As usual throughout the month, there was a wide variety of things to do and see for all of the visitors.

View of Conservatory - 15/06/2011.

Walled Garden Cut Flower Border - 15/06/2011.

Walled Garden Planting - 15/06/2011.

It is surprising to see just how quickly the grounds and gardens change in the time between my weekly visits. The paths around the grounds are packed with foliage and the odd splashes of colour. In the Walled Garden, borders are bursting with colour.

Visitors on their first visit to the property have commented that they did not expect to see what they did and can appreciate that a great deat of time and effort is required to look after this wonderful environment.
East Lawn - 22/06/2011.

My last visit in June was on the 28th. Started off in the morning by digging up bluebells in the Walled Garden Plum border. After preparing the border, we replanted the area cleared. The afternoon was spent weeding some of the paths beside the borders.

The weather was sunny and warm. There was a large number of visitors in the morning, but it got very quiet after 2.00 p.m.

Mary Pool - 28/06/2011.

View of Walled Garden - 28/06/2011.

Garden Pond path was blocked again due to a large branch falling from a tree. This happened on the 23rd/24th, following the heavy rain and the gardeners cleared the path, leaving the bulk of branch in the water. The main part of the branch will have to be hauled out of Garden Pond by the foresters with their tractor.

School holidays will be on us again shortly and the property is heading for its busiest period of the year. There will be a large number of events held at Wallington in the next few months. As well as coming here for my weekly days volunteering, I shall be coming to some of the events planned, and continue with my photographic record of 2011.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Views around the Grounds and Walled Garden - 28/06/11

Spent another day volunteering at this National Trust property. Started off this morning by digging up bluebells in the Walled Garden Plum border. The afternoon was spent weeding some of the paths beside the borders.

Weather today was sunny and warm. There was a large number of visitors in the morning, but it got very quiet after 2.00 p.m. The House does not open on a Tuesday, so it does tend to be like this even on a fine day.

Garden Pond path was blocked again due to a large branch falling from a tree. This happened last Thursday/Friday and the gardeners cleared the path. The main part of the branch will have to be hauled out of Garden Pond by the foresters with their tractor.

Got to the property before 9.00 a.m. today and took the following photographs:

Clock Tower and Courtyard.

East Lawn border colour.

Remnants of yesterday's rain.

Fallen branch in Garden Pond.

Garden Pond.

Mary Pool in the Walled Garden.

View of Walled Garden.


Walled Garden.


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Views around the Grounds and Walled Garden - 22/06/11

Overnight rain at home cleared away and the sun was shining on my journey to Wallington. After parking at the main entrance, as usual, I walked around the grounds and house to get some photographs.

All of the volunteers today were given jobs in the Walled Garden. I was asked to get the lawn edges straight and all was going well until the rain came mid morning and we had to shelter under the trees. It did not stop so we moved into the Conservatory to dead head the flowers.

After lunch we all returned to our original jobs and the rain moved on. The following photographs were taken this morning and throughout the day:

Colour in the borders at the property's entrance.

House entrance on East Elevation.

View through to West Lawn.

East Lawn.

Wallington Hall.

Garden Pond.

Hot Border in the Walled Garden.

Honeysuckle in the Walled Garden.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Views around the Grounds and Walled Garden - 15/06/2011

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the longest day.Yesterday's sun did not appear as much today, slightly overcast but still warm. Day was spent in front of House entrance weeding the gravelled area and edging the grass on East Lawn.

Large number of visitors in property today, including a school party, buses and even some from America and Australia. 

The recent warm weather has made the grounds and gardens greener still and the summer flowers are starting to appear in the Walled Garden. 

As usual at this time of year both gardeners and volunteers are busy clearing out the borders, weeding  and replanting to maintain the colour around the property.

Took the following photographs early this morning on way to Walled Garden:

House entrance.

Garden Pond.

View through to Portico Walk.

Rhododendrons beside path in East Wood.

Garden Pond.

Colour in the Walled Garden.

Walled Garden Water Feature.

Walled Garden borders.

Walled Garden borders.

Edwardian Conservatory and the Hot Border.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

A year at Wallington in pictures - May 2011, Part 6

May was to be a busy month at Wallington for all of the staff at the widely visited National Trust property. Numerous events were staged throughout the month, starting off with 'The Romans are Coming' over the early Bank Holiday weekend.

Roman soldiers were put through their paces and the Cavalry squadron displayed their power and skill on horseback.

Since the 1st May, Wallington has hosted the following events: Talk Time - Hadrian's Wall, Northumbrian Clog Dancers, Cars in the Courtyard - Post Vintage and Classic Cars , National Gardens Scheme Open Day, Propagation Workshop, Wallington Estate Walk with Maurice Holliday, North Tyneside Pipe Band, Talk Time at Wallington - The Celts, the Cross and the Coast, The Heritage Trees of the Wallington - A Trip around the World, Cracking Pots and Containers, Saxon Family Fun Weekend, Get Going in the Garden and on the 31st May started a week long series of activities for the half term school holidays.

This large number of events brings a large amount of visitors to visit the grounds and the house. For all staff involved it requires a great deal of planning and a large amount of work to ensure that the property is seen at its best, and that events run smoothly.

Walled Garden - 11/05/2011.
Around the grounds and Walled Garden a great deal of hard work by the gardening team and volunteers ensured that everything was in a good condition and sometimes in a safe condition for those visiting the property.

It was business as usual for me during May, I continued my weekly visits and spent full days working in the Walled Garden, around the House or in the Courtyard.

In the middle of May, the path to the Walled Garden beside Garden Pond was closed off. This allowed for the remainder of the 200 year old oak tree that fell, due to the severe winter weather, to be removed out of Garden Pond.

Part of the trunk was made into a bench and this has been placed near to the site of the fallen tree.

Middle of May 2011.
The grounds and gardens are starting to become a visual treat. Although not as good a month for weather as April - there still were some fine days for all visitors to see some wonderful sights.

Garden Pond - 18/05/2011.
Walled Garden - 18/05/2011.
On the 23rd May, high winds caused the property to be closed to ensure visitor safety, when I came on the 25th, a great deal of damage had been caused to trees around the property. Fallen Branches had to be removed and twigs removed from the Courtyard and East Lawn grassed area, to allow for the weekly grass cutting to take place. 

Wind damage to tree on East Lawn - 25/05/2011.

Fallen tree beside Centenary Walk - 25/05/2011.

The grounds, gardens and area around the House continue to change as the months go by. I never know where I will be around the property, or what job I will be doing with the other volunteers. In the next few months, visitors to the property will see the mature grounds and gardens at their best. There is always something spectacular to see.

Red Roses beside the South Wall of House - 25/05/2011.
View towards West Lawn - 25/05/2011.
The events programme for June here at Wallington will be just as comprehensive as May and will have something of interest for visitors of all ages. I will continue my weekly visits and wait to see what we will be asked to do around the property, but most of all keep taking the photographs!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Views around the Grounds and Walled Garden - 08/06/11

Another Wednesday has come round and I have spent another day at Wallington volunteering in the grounds of this historic National Trust property. The day started off in sunshine and kept dry until lunch. This afternoon was very wet with some heavy showers that had all visitors hurrying for cover in and around the house.

I spent the day edging the grass on West Lawn and finished off by doing the same in front of the house entrance.

All of the following photographs were taken this morning when I first arrived, and on my walk through the grounds to the Walled Garden.

Clock Tower and Entrance to Wallington.

Clock Tower and Courtyard

Roses on South wall of House

House from East Lawn

Gargoyles on East Lawn

Rhododendrons on Four Beeches Walk

Garden Pond looking through to Portico Walk

Walled Garden entrance

Colour in the Grounds

Garden Pond

Colour in the Hot Border

Edwardian Conservatory and Hot Border