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Sunday, 5 June 2011

A year at Wallington in pictures, April 2011 - Part 5

This month turned out to be one of the driest Aprils on record. Newly planted flowers around the Walled Garden and grounds, had to be regularly watered to get them established.

Visitor numbers started to pick up and it was great to work around the property in the sunshine. I continue to enjoy my weekly visit to Wallington and I look forward to my day out in the fresh air, volunteering here. There is always something different to do and you could be working as part of a team, or on your own around this historic property.

In early April the gardening team were busy getting the grass cutting equipment ready for use on the wide expanse of grass around the house. By the end of April, the weekly cycle of grass cutting by both gardeners and volunteers was to be underway.

East Lawn and House - 06/04/2011.

In the Walled Garden the sunshine in April really gave the plants, trees and shrubs a growing burst. Everywhere you looked the garden was turning greener, foliage was becoming denser and small areas of colour started to become larger. Again a great deal of the gardeners and volunteers time was spent weeding, planting and generally tidying up.

Water feature in the Walled Garden - 06/04/2011.
Around the Walled Garden seasonal planting came into bloom during the month of April. The daffodils and tulips around the borders were coming to the end of their cycle. One of the most striking flowers seen in the borders during this month were the Red Crown Imperials. 

Colour in the Walled Garden - 06/04/2011.
Cut Flower Border in the Walled Garden - 13/04/2011.
Red Crown Imperials in the Walled Garden - 13/04/2011.
Rhododendron bushes lining the path to the Walled Garden in East Wood were starting to flower. Many examples were removed because of damage by the snow and ice of the winter past. Enough have remained, to give a spectacular sight when fully in flower.

Rhododendrons on the path to Walled Garden - 19/04/2011.
Walled Garden - 19/04/2011.
Cut Flower Border in Walled Garden - 19/04/2011.
During April, I was to make four visits, during that time on my weekly visit; it was very noticeable how the Walled Garden and grounds changed. Due to the dry weather, waterproof clothing was not needed on my visits whilst working. 

Walled Garden Path - 27/04/2011.
The Walled Garden has so many different levels to walk around and discover. First time visitors to Wallington are surprised by what this mature and colourful place has to offer. The Edwardian Conservatory is always a favourite along with the different borders around the site.

In the next few months, many newly planted areas will become established, providing a wonderful spectacle for the visitor and more work for the gardeners and volunteers.

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