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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Colour in the Walled Garden and Grounds at Wallington

The recent spell of good weather has ensured that the Walled Garden at Wallington will be a 'riot of colour' over the next few months. The snow and frost are a distant memory, and a few weeks of hard work by the resident gardeners and volunteers have brought the magnificent grounds and garden back to their best.

View through to Courtyard and Clock Tower.

As a volunteer at Wallington, I have been coming one day a week to work around the grounds and in the Walled Garden.
In early January, Garden Pond was completely frozen. Our time was spent clearing away snow and frost damaged trees and plants. It has been a pleasure to see the changes in the grounds and Walled Garden over the last three months.

Cut Flower Border.

The hard work planting out the borders and flower beds has resulted in a wonderful experience for all of the visitors to Wallington. The House, grounds and Walled Garden have been very busy during the Easter holidays. The Walled Garden has echoed to the sound of children's voices! Visitors to Wallington can also buy a wide range of plants. One of the suppliers of plants for the shop and those used by the Garden is Northern Ark Nursery.
With the 'wall to wall sunshine' of the last few weeks; comes the downside to gardening! Weeds come up as well as the formal planting, and grass cutting becomes one of the most important activities carried out by the gardeners and volunteers. With such large areas of grass around the House, Courtyard and in the Walled Garden it needs constant attention.


Whilst around the grounds and in the Walled Garden, National Trust staff, gardeners and volunteers get to speak to the many visitors. The Walled Garden and Conservatory here at Wallington is a popular place to visit. Some of the visitors I have spoken to come regularly and they are very appreciative of the hard work that is carried out to keep the property looking at its best.

Edwardian Conservatory and 'Hot Border'.

I really enjoy my time volunteering at Wallington, there is always something different to do and we get to work in such a wonderful garden. The recent good weather has also helped to make it a pleasure to come to Wallington. It has also enabled me to get some good photographs of this historic site and its features.

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