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Thursday, 9 June 2011

A year at Wallington in pictures - May 2011, Part 6

May was to be a busy month at Wallington for all of the staff at the widely visited National Trust property. Numerous events were staged throughout the month, starting off with 'The Romans are Coming' over the early Bank Holiday weekend.

Roman soldiers were put through their paces and the Cavalry squadron displayed their power and skill on horseback.

Since the 1st May, Wallington has hosted the following events: Talk Time - Hadrian's Wall, Northumbrian Clog Dancers, Cars in the Courtyard - Post Vintage and Classic Cars , National Gardens Scheme Open Day, Propagation Workshop, Wallington Estate Walk with Maurice Holliday, North Tyneside Pipe Band, Talk Time at Wallington - The Celts, the Cross and the Coast, The Heritage Trees of the Wallington - A Trip around the World, Cracking Pots and Containers, Saxon Family Fun Weekend, Get Going in the Garden and on the 31st May started a week long series of activities for the half term school holidays.

This large number of events brings a large amount of visitors to visit the grounds and the house. For all staff involved it requires a great deal of planning and a large amount of work to ensure that the property is seen at its best, and that events run smoothly.

Walled Garden - 11/05/2011.
Around the grounds and Walled Garden a great deal of hard work by the gardening team and volunteers ensured that everything was in a good condition and sometimes in a safe condition for those visiting the property.

It was business as usual for me during May, I continued my weekly visits and spent full days working in the Walled Garden, around the House or in the Courtyard.

In the middle of May, the path to the Walled Garden beside Garden Pond was closed off. This allowed for the remainder of the 200 year old oak tree that fell, due to the severe winter weather, to be removed out of Garden Pond.

Part of the trunk was made into a bench and this has been placed near to the site of the fallen tree.

Middle of May 2011.
The grounds and gardens are starting to become a visual treat. Although not as good a month for weather as April - there still were some fine days for all visitors to see some wonderful sights.

Garden Pond - 18/05/2011.
Walled Garden - 18/05/2011.
On the 23rd May, high winds caused the property to be closed to ensure visitor safety, when I came on the 25th, a great deal of damage had been caused to trees around the property. Fallen Branches had to be removed and twigs removed from the Courtyard and East Lawn grassed area, to allow for the weekly grass cutting to take place. 

Wind damage to tree on East Lawn - 25/05/2011.

Fallen tree beside Centenary Walk - 25/05/2011.

The grounds, gardens and area around the House continue to change as the months go by. I never know where I will be around the property, or what job I will be doing with the other volunteers. In the next few months, visitors to the property will see the mature grounds and gardens at their best. There is always something spectacular to see.

Red Roses beside the South Wall of House - 25/05/2011.
View towards West Lawn - 25/05/2011.
The events programme for June here at Wallington will be just as comprehensive as May and will have something of interest for visitors of all ages. I will continue my weekly visits and wait to see what we will be asked to do around the property, but most of all keep taking the photographs!

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