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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Views around the Walled Garden - 14/09/11

Due to the high winds, the property was closed on Monday and Tuesday this week. The remnants of Hurricane Katia was to blame! Branches were brought down and some clearing up was the order of the day. Spent the morning burning those branches brought down and the other garden rubbish that has collected over the last few weeks. Afternoon work was edging the lawns on the lower terrace of the Walled Garden. 

It was a fine and sunny day and there was a large number of visitors in the Walled Garden, the wind still had not completely disappeared, but it was certainly a lot calmer than previous days.

The following photographs were taken before I started work this morning:

Lower Terrace.

Lower Terrace.

Mary Pool.

Railway Border.

Cut Flower Border.

Walled Garden Planting.

Beside Garden Kiosk.

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