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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Views around the grounds and Walled Garden - 14/11/2012.

Great weather for November. There was no wind and the temperature was around 12 degrees Centigrade. It remained dry and it was the ideal day to try and clear away the leaves in and around the Courtyard. With the house being closed now for the season there were very few visitors walking around the grounds and the Walled Garden.

Armed with a leaf blower, I set about pushing the leaves into manageable piles and the other gardeners picked them up and put them into the trailer. The leaves were dry and easy to collect. It took all morning to get the leaves into the piles. After lunch, I moved to another area and finished the day getting the leaves into the trailer.

The trees have shed nearly all of their leaves, this should be the last time we have to collect them. Underneath the leaves, the snowdrops are starting to appear out of the grassed areas.

I took the following photographs before I started work this morning: 

The new paths in East Wood.
China Pond in East Wood.
China Pond.
China Pond.
Overlooking Garden Pond towards Portico Walk.
View of the Walled Garden.
Garden Pond.
Scaramouche on the Upper Terrace.
Perseus on the Upper Terrace.
Serpentine Path in East Wood.

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