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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Volunteering in the Grounds and Gardens at Wallington.

The harsh winter weather really took its toll on the Grounds and Gardens at Wallington. Over the last few months, trees, shrubs and bushes have had to be cut down and removed - victims of the frost and snow. Some areas now seem bare and open!

Path to Walled Garden - beside Garden Pond.

The largest and oldest was the 200 year old oak tree, that fell and blocked the path beside Garden Pond. This has been cut to allow visitors once again to use the path to the Walled Garden. The bulk of the tree still remains in Garden Pond and will be removed, sometime in the future.

Along with a group of regular volunteers, I have been coming to Wallington every week, since early January, to help the National Trust Garden Team around the Grounds, but mainly in the Walled Garden.

The recent spell of warmer weather has been influential in producing small areas of colour around the Grounds and Walled Garden.

All of the work carried out and the general tidying up has ensured that the Grounds and Walled Garden will continue to be seen at their best, despite the ravages of last Winter.

Crocus in the Walled Garden.

"Splash of colour".

Visitor numbers are starting to pick up and whilst at work around the property at Wallington, there is always the opportunity to talk to the visitors and try to answer any questions that they may have. Visitors always have positive comments to make, especially about the Walled Garden.

I really enjoy my time volunteering and helping at Wallington, there is always something different to do and many different areas to tidy up and maintain. The National Trust Garden Team here, are friendly and professional. It is a pleasure to work with them and help to keep the estate in such a wonderful condition.

 Wallington continues to be a popular National Trust property to visit in this area, I get a great deal of personal satisfaction in helping, (albeit in a small way), maintain the Ground and Gardens of such a wonderful place. I am really looking forward to the next few months when the Grounds and Gardens will be seen at their best and full of interest and colour!

Hot Border - beside Conservatory.

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