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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wallington Walled Garden 30th March 2011

April will soon be here, the clocks have been altered and the harsh winter weather we experienced, seems a distant memory. Now is the time for gardens to show new signs of growth.

I come to Wallington one day a week to help as a volunteer in the Walled Garden and grounds. Every week on my visits, you can see that the Walled Garden is changing, it is starting to become greener and small splashes of colour are starting to appear.

Walled Garden - 30th March 2011

Over the last few weeks a great deal of work has been carried out by the National Trust Garden Team and all of the volunteers around the grounds and in the Walled Garden. Grass cutting equipment is now being readied for the first cut of the season. Always a sign that the gardening year is progressing!

The work we get to do changes every week and consists of general maintenance work, weeding borders, tidying paths, cutting back shrubs and bushes, edging grass and lawns etc. All of the hard work is ensuring that the Walled Garden will be seen at its best throughout the forthcoming season.

Wherever you walk around the property there is always something of interest to see. It is always better when in can be done in good weather. On the way to the Walled Garden through East Wood yesterday, I noticed the Rhododendrons were just starting to come into bloom.


Even when it rains (like it did yesterday), you will find visitors walking around the Walled Garden, many under umbrellas. A couple had travelled from the Peak District and whilst talking they commented that this was their "favourite garden".

Daffodils in the rain

The Walled Garden and Edwardian Conservatory is well worth a visit, not yet at its best, but slowly getting there.  

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