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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Views around the grounds and Walled Garden - 09/11/2011

Hard frosts started the week, but on the day I came to Wallington, there was no sign of any! The weather forecast was for rain and an overcast sky. We were lucky it did not rain, and I was given the job of clearing up the leaves around the path of East Lawn in the Walled Garden. 

It was a calm still day with no wind. This made the job easier and the path remained clear after clearing.

There were a few visitors to the Walled Garden today. I spent the majority of my time with this part of the garden to myself. 

The following photographs were taken before I started work today:

Clock Tower and Courtyard

Courtyard and cottages.

House from West Lawn.

View through to Courtyard.

East Wood.

East Wood.

Part of the area, I had to clear on East Lawn, Walled Garden.

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