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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Views around the Grounds - 14/12/11

The strong overnight winds had finished when I arrived at Wallington. On parking the car the first thing I saw was a large tree uprooted and blocking the car park exit. 2011 is finishing as it started, with trees falling due to severe weather.

Whilst walking through East Wood to get to the Walled Garden, there was further evidence of the gale force winds - a beech tree had fallen out to sycamore tree and large branches were spread over a large area. The beech trees were planted in the 1700s and it is sad that any of these are damaged or uprooted.

Our work for today was taking off the small branches from fallen trees to allow the foresters to come in with their chainsaws. A final job for today was to help get some Walled Garden benches under shelter for the rest of winter.

The following photographs were taken before I started work this morning:

Fallen tree in Car Park.

Courtyard and Clock Tower.

House Entrance from East Lawn.

Returning swans on Garden Pond.

Path beside Garden Pond.

Fallen trees in East Wood.

Fallen trees in East Wood.

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