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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Views around the Grounds and Walled Garden 20/12/2011

This was to be my last visit to Wallington in 2011. I have visited nearly every week and have taken hundreds of photographs during my time volunteering. The snow gave way to some hard frosts and certain paths in the walled Garden had to be closed because of the ice and the risk of people falling on the steep and slippy ground.

Garden Pond was starting to get iced over again, this reminded me of the last winter here at Wallington, when it was completely frozen over. 

Our work for today was to tidy up the borders beside the restaurant, Clock Tower and Courtyard Cottages. There are no more events planned here for this year and it was to give the area a quick clean up for Christmas and New Year openings.

I took the following photographs before starting work this morning:

West Lawn looking through to the Clock Tower.

West Lawn

Roses still blooming on the South side of House.

East Lawn and House entrance.

Griffin Heads on East Lawn.

Frozen Garden Pond.

Mary Pool in the Walled Garden.

Lower Terrace in the Walled Garden.


Conservatory and Hot Border.

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