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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Views around the grounds and Walled Garden - 21/02/2012.

Changed day for volunteering at Wallington this week. Normally I get here on a Wednesday. Leaving home in some sunshine travelling north; the sky became cloudy and overcast. The rain did appear late in the afternoon, the cold temperatures and hard frosts have left us for the time being.

Our job for today was to tidy up one of the borders beside the main car park and entrance to the property. I was to try and get the leaves from under the beech hedges and the trees and rose bushes. There was a steady stream of cars coming into the car park and visitors coming to explore the grounds and Walled Garden. The House was only open last week for the half-term holidays.

As I walked down to the Walled Garden before starting work there was small signs of colour and shoots of bulbs appearing in the borders. We could still get cold weather and snow but the warmer temperatures are certainly making the plants grow.

Selection of pictures taken today:

Snowdrops and Aconites in the Courtyard.

View of Courtyard and Clock Tower

House entrance.

Rhododendron buds in East Wood.

Ice gone from Garden Pond.

Lower Terrace of Walled Garden.

Mary Pool

Mary Burn looking towards Mary Pool.

Mary Burn.

View towards Conservatory.

Colour in the Winter Garden.

Winter Garden.

Goldfish Pond in the Walled Garden.

Lichen on a tree in Plum Border.

Snowdrops in the Orchard.

Colour in th Plum Border.

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