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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Views around the grounds and Walled Garden - 13/06/2012

It stayed dry today at Wallington. The sky was grey and overcast and there were some bright sunny intervals as I worked all day around the borders of the House. My first job was to edge the newly planted Red, White and Blue border. The rabbits have been attacking the new plants, they seem to like the Lobelia, as all of the tops of the plants have disappeared.

Once completed I moved to the borders either side of the House entrance, edging and weeding. There was a steady stream of visitors going into the House this afternoon and I was asked many questions about the work that we do and the planting and trees around East Lawn. The rain kept away and I manged to get all of the work completed beside the House and moved to East Lawn for the last 30 minutes of my day at Wallington.

I took the following photographs before I started work this morning:

Clock Tower
House entrance and East Lawn
The Griffin Heads on East Lawn
Rhododendrons in East Wood
Garden Pond looking through to Portico Walk
Rhododendrons in East Wood
Beside the Mary Burn in the Walled Garden
Lower Terrace of the Walled Garden.
The Railway Border on the Lower Terrace of the Walled Garden
The Blue and Yellow Border in the Walled Garden
Honeysuckle in the Plum Border
Colour in the Walled Garden
Colour in the Walled Garden
Beside the gate to River Walk

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