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Friday, 20 May 2011

A year at Wallington in pictures - January 2011, Part 2.

It was to be January 5th 2011, when I again returned to Wallington for my weekly visits. The snow was starting to go, but we were still getting very hard frosts. It was on my way to the Walled Garden when I came across the major casualty of the harsh winter weather. A 200 year old oak tree had fallen and completely blocked the path beside Garden Pond.

Blocked Path beside Garden Pond.

For any visitors wanting to reach the Walled Garden, the fallen tree meant a slight detour around Garden Pond which was completely frozen.

Frozen Garden Pond.

In the Walled Garden, snow and ice had caused a few problems with the shrubs and trees. Volunteers and the resident gardeners were kept busy for a few weeks, removing the damaged shrubs and trees. In shaded areas of the Garden snow and ice lingered for some time.


Frosts continued in January and on some of my visits lasted until late morning.

Lawns beside cut flower borders.

Eventually the ice on Garden Pond melted, the work carried out during January left some open areas and gaps around the Grounds and Walled Garden, due to the removal of shrubs and trees. One fallen tree, near to West Lawn was even raised, roped and staked to see if it could be saved. Time will tell!

Garden Pond thaws.

The harsh winter weather ravaged the Grounds and Walled Garden here at Wallington. January was a month of hard work for the National Trust gardening team and all of the volunteers. In the following parts, I hope to show how the Grounds and Walled Garden recovered and burst into Spring colour.

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