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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A year at Wallington in pictures - March 2011, Part 4.

March was to be another busy month for all of the volunteers and resident gardening team here at Wallington. As usual I came for one day every week, and over the month we were to work in many different areas of the grounds and Walled Garden. In early March, we were still getting some ground frosts and this gave way to very bright, but cold days.

Griffin Heads on East Lawn - 02/03/2011.

I normally get to Wallington about 9.00 a.m. and take the bulk of my photographs as I am walking through the grounds and path to the Walled Garden. My small digital camera is always in my pocket, so I can take other photographs throughout the day depending on where I am working.

In the Walled Garden some flowers were providing early colour and the following photograph was taken mid morning, following a hard frost.

After the frost.

Signs of Spring were starting to appear all over the grounds and Walled Garden, on the most direct route path to the Walled Garden, the Rhododendron bushes were starting to bud.

Rhododendron buds.

In the middle of March, the Walled Garden started to become greener and burst into colour with different plants coming into flower, such as Bluebells, Daffodils and Primroses. As with any garden, as well as the flowers came the weeds. This will keep everybody busy over the next few months.

Bluebells in the Walled Garden.

Daffodils in the Walled Garden.

Primrose in the Walled Garden.

Most of the work during March concentrated on the Walled Garden; it would not be long before grass cutting in the courtyard, around the House and on East and West Lawn would have to start for this year.

House Entrance from East Lawn - 23/03/2011.

My last visit to Wallington in March was to be on a damp and drizzly day. Waterproofs were an essential piece of kit as we worked in the Walled Garden. Our main task for the day was to work on the grass edging around the borders. The garden was definitely starting to show signs of Spring, the grass was getting greener and plants were shooting up around the borders and paths. 

Walled Garden 30/03/2011.

In the three months I have been coming to Wallington this year, there have been many seasonal changes to observe, the colours of spring have started and I am really looking forward to working in the Walled Garden during the Summer months.

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