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Monday, 16 May 2011

A year at Wallington in pictures - Part 1

My last visit to Wallington in 2010 to help in the Grounds and Walled Garden was on the 24th November. Overnight frost and some light snow covered the ground. The day was to be spent raking and clearing up the fallen leaves in the Courtyard.

Griffin Heads on East Lawn - morning of 24 th November 2010.

It was to be my last visit to Wallington in 2010, as this was the day the snow came to the property and the surrounding area.

Our morning was spent in the Courtyard, after lunch the work continued until at about 2.00 p.m. the first snow started to fall. It was not long before everything was white and the snow became very heavy. This was our cue to start to tidy up and make my way home!

The roads from Wallington were covered and very slippy in places. A heavy goods vehicle was unable to get up the hill at Kirkharle, this was the only time in my journey home that I had to stop.

I finally reached the A68 road, surprisingly this was clear and there was no sign of snow. Due to the large amounts of snow we experienced last Winter, I was not able to continue my volunteering at Wallington until early January 2011.

As well as helping in the Grounds and Walled Garden, I always carry my digital camera and I have continued to take photographs on all of my days here.

The Winter of 2010 caused a great deal of damage around the property, grounds and gardens at Wallington. In these pieces, I want to show in photographs, the way the Walled Garden and Grounds change and develop throughout 2011.

Garden Pond - morning of 24th November 2010.

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