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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Views around the Grounds and Walled Garden - 25/04/2012

Today the weather forecast was for high winds and heavy rain later in the afternoon. We were very lucky to have all of the day outside working on East Lawn and beside the Courtyard. Our job on East Lawn was beside the Griffin Heads, cutting down a shrub. After lunch it was working beside the Builder's Yard tiying up the borders on each side of the approach road to the courtyard. We had to weed the borders and cut back the ferns.

At odd times during the day there were some strong gusts of wind and a few drops of rain. It was good to be able to spend all of the day outside. The recent rain has taken its toll on the grass in the Courtyard and the St. Georges's Day activities at the weekend has not helped. Some of the events planned in the next few weeks will have to be held in other grassed areas around the property.

The poor weather forecast  has put off a lot of people from visiting Wallington today. I only saw two visitors this morning and not many more this afternoon.

Pictures taken before I started work this morning:

Clock Tower and Courtyard.
Wallington Hall from West Lawn.
Garden Shrub.
Lower Terrace of Walled Garden.
Mary Pool.
Mary Pool.
Looking towards the Upper Terrace Conservatory.
Lower Terrace.
Beside the Railway Border.
Cut Flower Border.
Blue and Yellow Border.

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