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Friday, 7 September 2012

Views around the grounds and Walled Garden - 07/09/2012

My first visit to Wallington in September was to be on a Friday this week. On my journey over, the sky looked very black and threatened rain. It was quite breezy all day which helped to keep any rain away. With the schools returning back from the Summer holidays this week, the property was very quiet. 

Continuing on from last week, I was given the task of edging the Jubilee Border on the south side of the House. This was to take all of my time here today. All of the lawns have been cut again this week and the edging work really sets off the grass against the paths and borders. 

The work takes a great deal of time and as you look at the great expanse of grass and paths, you wonder will it ever be finished! Even when it is all complete, it will be time to start all over again, if the warm wet weather continues. 

I took the following photographs before I started work this morning:

Courtyard and Clock Tower.
House and South Drive.
Jubilee Border.
Jubilee Border.
Looking along South Drive towards West Lawn.
The Four Griffin Heads on East Lawn.

Walled Garden Colour.
After the Roses.
Looking over the Mary Pool to the Lower Terrace.
Mary Pool stonework.
Mary Pool.
Lower Terrace of the Walled Garden.
Lower Terrace of the Walled Garden.
Plum Border in the Walled Garden.

Garden Pond.

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